Have you ever submitted a letter to the editor to never see it in print?  Or perhaps the editor took literary license and changed the title and/or the content of your letter.  Or perhaps your letter is published after the date of a time-sensitive issue that you were opining on.  Do you get the feeling that the editor is politically biased?

Many of us Wyoming Conservatives have experienced a scenario like this:  You carefully write a letter about your opinion on an issue you feel strongly about, and then you painstakingly edit it down to the mandatory number of characters allowed before you click submit, only to never see it published.  However, you do see letters written by Democrats and Progressives published often.  Especially at the Casper Red Star and the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

We decided to change that – exclusively for Wyoming Conservatives.  In fact, we are committed to not publishing any letters from Democrats or Progressives.  Ever.  That’s our Right and we’re sticking to it!  Furthermore, we will not publish any letters from non-Wyoming residents.

Now you, as a Wyoming Conservative, have an opportunity to have your letter published.  No more being ignored.  No more being limited to a pathetic amount of characters.  No more being edited or blown-off by liberal editors.  Here’s your mega-phone Wyoming Conservatives.  And it’s about time, right?!

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