Does Election Integrity Matter?

This past spring the Wyoming Republican Party held County and State Conventions. One county decided rules don’t matter. Their convention was very short and bypassed all the normal work of the convention such as proposed platform and bylaw changes and resolutions to be submitted to the state. They also decided not to hold elections during the convention but would hold them after the convention instead. Ballots could either be emailed to the secretary or deposited in a ballot box that was set up outside a local business. Numerous reports were made of the drop box being unattended and even blown over in high winds. This county decided it was OK to allow votes outside the normal timeframe- because, COVID.

During the meeting of the Credentials Committee at the state convention the delegation from this county was challenged because of the improper manner in which they held their election and counted ballots. County leaders wailed and moaned about how unfair others were being and how it would disenfranchise Republicans from that county. They contacted the Wyoming Congressional delegation and pleaded with them to intervene. Senators Enzi and Barrasso and Congressman Cheney responded with a letter encouraging Convention Delegates to ignore the irregularities in the election and seat the delegates from the offending county in the name of unity.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 and the first week of 2021. Cheney, Barrasso, and now Senator Lummis are providing the same advice to the people of Wyoming. Ignore the election irregularities in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Nevada. Ignore the fact that Republican poll watchers were kicked out while Trump was ahead then Biden mysteriously gains huge numbers of votes. Ignore the fact that more ballots were returned than were sent out. Ignore the fact that record numbers of deceased individuals voted. Ignore the fact that Trump won in a record number of counties across the nation and Biden winning by improbable margins in a handful of democrat strongholds. Their advice is for 74 Million people to ignore these irregularities so we don’t cause issues with the Democrats and main stream media.

Cheney has voted to impeach President Trump. What was his high crime? Apparently not conceding in a fraud ridden election. That somehow is a means of inciting violence. Where were they when Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and “the squad” literally called on people to riot in the streets and attack Trump supporters at every opportunity? Apparently, they just don’t want to offend their progressive colleagues.

Does election integrity matter? It seems to have no place with the Wyoming “go along to get along” Congressional Delegation. Well, they have offended a large percentage of their constituents, including myself!

Taylor Allred
Cokeville, WY