“Impeachment” of Trump is Ridiculous in the Extreme

Hi Liz, [copy to Senator Barrasso and Senator Lummis]

I saw your appearance on FoxNews. You talked a lot about “unity” under Biden and “our fragile system”. Do you realize your actions, and the actions of your colleagues, are exactly why our system is “fragile”?

Rep Cheney, you voted for impeachment. The dictionary definition of “impeach” is “to remove a public official from office.” You Congresspeople may not know this, but we voters happen to know that Trump is not in office right now. Therefore what you are doing is ridiculous in the extreme. And yet you talk about “unity”? We just shake our heads in disbelief.

You, Rep. Cheney, and Senator Barrasso, ignore obvious and provable voter fraud. You ignoring the blatant theft/coup of the Presidency is what put Biden in office. You are accessory to the coup.

You claim you voted to impeach because Trump incited insurrection. He did no such thing. I challenged you previously to show me, in his own words on video, what he said that incited an attack on the Capitol. You have failed to provide that proof. Why? Because it simply does not exist. Your hatred of Trump is exposed for all to see. President Trump did a tremendous amount of good for our country. He brought back a sense of patriotism and pride in us. He Made America Great Again. We love him for that.

In contrast to what Trump said–which did not incite the Capitol violence– here are things that the Democrats have said and done to incite violence. Nary a peep out of you.

  • Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the President.
  • Nancy Pelosi tore up President Trump’s State of the Union Speech right behind him on camera.
  • Last summer Kamala Harris said the rioters have the right to riot and that “the riots will continue. They should continue.”
  • Half of the Democratic Congress refused to attend President Trump’s Inauguration.
  • Maxine Waters says get in Republican’s faces in public places, “I will take Trump out Tonight.”
  • Cory Booker says he wants to punch the President.
  • Robert De Niro says he wants to punch Trump in the face.
  • Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assassinating the President.
  • Snoop Dog makes a video of assassinating the President.
  • Johnny Depp talks about an actor assassinating the President.
  • Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the President.
  • Tom Arnold says: “Don’t get too cocky, traitor, they showed up for JFK too”
  • Gaetz was threatened by someone who warned that he will blow the congressman’s head off.
  • Rand Paul and his wife were attacked in public.
  • Steve Scalise gets shot and almost killed. The shooter said he was targeting Republican lawmakers.
  • ANTIFA routinely attacks and now has killed conservatives.Hollywood makes a movie about killing Trump supporters.
  • Tucker Carlson has left wing activists at his home threatening to burn his house down with his wife & kids inside.
  • Madonna talks about wanting to blow up the White House.
  • McConnell is threatened by left wing activists at his home to be stabbed in the heart.
  • Democrat Constitutional professor Jonathan Turley’s life is threatened for his opinion opposing impeachment.

Yet, the Socialist Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Media Matters, the DNC, AND LIZ CHENEY say “Trump is inciting violence.”

All of the above can be verified with video of them saying or doing that. And you, Liz, refuse to verify what Trump said, in his own words on video, which incited the attack on the Capitol. And you refuse to call out the Democrats for doing far worse.

Rep. Cheney, Senator Barrasso, and Senator Lummis, how about calling out those who did the above and asking for an apology from them? Failure to receive an apology from them should then instigate impeachment against any of those in public office, and charges against the others for inciting violence against President Trump and his supporters (me).

Conclusion; I/we have no confidence in you, our elected delegation to Congress, with the exception of Senator Lummis. The jury is still out on her.

With regret,