Submission Guidelines

Here are answers to some of the more common questions we predict Wyomingites might have about submitting a letter to Wyoming Conservative Letters.


Q. How do I submit a letter and is any preference given to those sent by e-mail, fax or regular mail?
A. Only use the form provided at Submit Your Letter for your submission to Wyoming Conservative Letters.

Q. What information do you require about a letter writer’s identification?
A. The writer must enter his or her full name, email address and county of residence.  Regardless of what option you choose to credit your letter, we still require your full name, email address and county of residence to print your letter.  We do not accept letters from outside of Wyoming.

Q. How will you credit my letter when it is published?
A. On the Submit Your Letter form you will be asked to choose one of two options on how you want to credit your letter:  “Publish only my initials”; or “Anonymous”.  Every letter published will show the county you are from.  We do not accept letters from outside of Wyoming.

Q. Why won’t you credit my whole name?
A.  We hope to in the future when we have the means of positively verifying your identity.  Meanwhile, to protect your identity from trolls, who are working overtime these days to discredit conservatives, we will only credit your initials.  For the time being, the only exceptions that we will make are authors who have already published their letters elsewhere under their whole name, or authors that we know personally.

Q. Will you keep my identification information private?
A.  Absolutely.  We will not share anyone’s data with any other source ever.  Our sole purpose for this site is to give Wyoming Conservatives a voice and nothing more.

Q. Should I give my letter a title?
A.  Yes.  Wyoming Conservatives Letters are aggregated by title and published date.

Q. Is there any word limit for letters?
A. Yes and no. We prefer not to edit any submission. Make your submission reasonable. And what is reasonable? Make your point but keep in mind that there is a wide variety of readers so be sure to take as many words as necessary to make your point clear.  On the other hand, please do not send us a novel.

Q. Will you accept letters that have been sent to other papers?
A. Yes.

Q. I recently downloaded a form letter from a political website and sent it to Wyoming Conservative Letters with my name.  Why hasn’t it appeared?
A. Only original letters will be considered for publication. We do not accept form letters, chain letters, letters that have been posted on Web sites by third parties, or letters that have been prepared by anyone other than the individual who has submitted his or her name on the submission form.

Q. I sent a letter in 24 hours ago. How do I know you have received it?
A. At this time we do not have any idea how many submissions we will receive. Therefore you must visit the web site often to see if your letter has been published. If this website gains a high volume of community acceptance we will consider some form of automation that will provide replies to submissions.

Q. How long before my letter will be printed?
A. It varies according to the volume of letters received, and currently letters are being processed manually. Be patient, it may be a few days before you see it published.

Q. Is there any limit on how many letters I can have published at Wyoming Conservative Letters?
A. Not at this time. However, be reasonable, this is a new venue for Wyomingites and let’s not dominate the web site with only one opinion or topic.

Q. I sent a letter to you and now I discover that I made some errors.  Can I phone in the corrections?
A. No.  You should resubmit the entire, revised letter within 12 hours of your original submission.  Do make a note at the end of the letter that it is a replacement for your original letter under the same title.

Q. Are there any rules on what topics may be addressed in the letters column?
A. No.

Q. Do you really intend to not publish letters with a Democrat or Progressive bend?
A.  Absolutely.  People from those political persuasions already have plenty of choices in the main stream media to submit their letters.  This website, and it’s timing, has been created solely for those whose First Amendment Rights are being heavily suppressed by main stream media and social media – namely Conservatives.

Q.  What about internet trolls?
A.  No one likes trolls.  Including us – and we know how to spot them.  Letters containing libelous statements, direct physical threats to any entity, doxing data, or those intended as advertising will not be published.  If we are clearly being trolled we will drop-kick that submission straight into the trash.

Q. What language is acceptable?
A. Keep it clean.  If you feel that an expletive is necessary please use characters such as !*&# so we can all get the picture without actual cuss words.

Q. If you decide to not publish my letter because of questionable content, will you email me to tell me why?
A.  No.  We will not be communicating via email with letter writers.

Q. Why not complaints? What happens if someone is ripped off and wants to warn readers to avoid a particular business?
A. Such letters contain only one side, and therefore one version, of events. To be fair, we would be required to contact the business in question for its side of the story.

Q. What about complaints of politicians?
A. Absolutely! Go for it.


Letters containing libelous statements, direct physical threats to any entity, doxing data, or those intended as advertising will not be published.

Wyoming Conservative Letters reserves the right to reject any letters submitted.